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About Outdoor Asia Magazine

India's only specialized monthly magazine launched in 2002 that covers all facts of the OOH industry. Outdoor Asia focuses on Original news, Features, Latest trends in new technology, the best creative work, new campaigns, research and analysis about OOH advertising. This newly revamped magazine, formerly Outdoor Toady, is the key source of information and opinion for Brand marketer, Outdoor specialist and Media Owners.

Outdoor Asia (March 2019)

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This Issue

Business Wins

Policy Watch

5 things you need to get right for OOH makeover 

Ban – the unkindest cut of all 

BBMP must lift the ban on hoardings 

Bracing for long-term impact

Brand Strat

‘Constant ideation is vital’

Think Digital

Backlite Media, Meraas extend partnership to new locations 

Moving Walls integrates Lifesight data to its offline media attribution platform 

A programmatic campaign to drive Vivo V15 Pro launch 

Ocean, AGS Airports’ iconic ad tower in Glasgow

Business Trends

OOH so good! Growth prospects look up

Transit Media Talks

Transit Media’s huge business potential unlocked…finally! 

Transit Media is geared for high growth 

‘Let’s make this chariot fly!’ 

‘Airports offer measurability of consumer profile’ 

‘Engagement, data & uniformity must for transit growth’ 

‘Data will enrich this medium’ 

‘Green printing needs the whole eco-system to collaborate’ 

‘Design interventions can make transit media come alive’ 

‘Transit is the way forward’ 

‘Transit media delivers the goods’ 

‘Transit media is integral to OOH plans’ 

‘With metrics, transit media can deliver big’

Transit Media Talks Gallery

There’s more to transit media